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What is a Retina Eye Treatment?

Like a camera, the eye has a lens in front and a film (the retina) in the back. The optic nerve sends a signal from the retina to the brain when the eye sees something. Serious problems with vision can be caused by diseases of the retina, vitreous, and optic nerve. Follow this page to learn more about it.

 Retina Eye Treatment In Ichalkaranji

Treatment for different retinal disorders

Retinal Detachment

Diabetic retinopathy

Macular hole

Retinopathy of prematurity

Central serous chorioretinopathy (CSSR)

Fluorescein angiography of eye

Ultrasound B scan of eye

OCT of retina

ERG, EOG, VEP of eye

Laser treatment

Know Your Doctor

Dr. Vijay Magdum


Dr. Vijay Magdum is a highly qualified and experienced ophthalmologist with extensive expertise in the field of anterior segment surgery. He holds an MBBS degree and has pursued DOMS at the National Institute of Ophthalmology in Pune, where he received guidance from the esteemed Dr. Shreekant Kelkar. Dr. Magdum has also completed his FCPS from Sir JJ Hospital and Grant Medical College in Mumbai, under the guidance of the renowned Dr. T P Lahane.

With over two decades of experience as a general ophthalmologist, Dr. Magdum is an expert in phaco (cataract surgery), glaucoma treatment, and Lasik surgery. He has a deep understanding of the anterior segment of the eye and is known for his compassionate care and personalized treatment approach. Dr. Magdum's patients appreciate his attention to detail and his ability to explain complex medical procedures in an easy-to-understand manner.

Dr. Vijay Magdum

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